Educators can refer a company from their own network to work with their class on Riipen. As a company referred from your personal network rather from Riipen's network, the company will be waived the subscription fee, and will have full access to your school portal.

There are 2 ways an educator can refer companies from their network. 

A) If you're an educator of a course:

  1. Click the "Invite Companies" button on your assignment page.
  2. Enter the emails of all the contacts you'd like to invite.
  3. Write a brief introduction message about your assignment and why you think this would be a good fit.
  4. Hit send! This will send your assignment page along with your introduction message to the emails you've input.

B) If you're an administrator on Riipen for your school portal:

  1. Go to your school portal, which you can find under "My Portals" up in the navigation bar
  2. Go to the "Companies" tab under "⌵ More"
  3. Enter the emails of industry contacts you'd like to invite from your network using "Invite Companies"
  4. Send your industry contacts the link to your course page so they know where to go after they've been invited