Milestones are the various submission deadlines for the whole team to submit deliverables to the company. If you're not sure about your deadlines, check with your instructor. 

Where to Find Your Project Milestones

You can see all the details of your project's milestones on your team page. You can find a shortcut to your team page in My Teams.

On your team page, you'll find:

  • A summary of your team's milestone progress, and current project status (action required, on track, finished, etc.)
  • A full list of your team's project milestones and their due dates
  • A summary of the final submission, which is the final milestone
Completing a Milestone

To complete a milestone on behalf of your team, click the "Complete Next Milestone" button. Milestones must be completed in order, so if you've missed milestone deadlines, you'll have to complete those first before submitting your next due milestone.

You can click on any of the blue linked milestone names to view the details, in case you want to revisit a milestone submission or view the company's comments.

What to Submit

Each milestone submission is sent to the company, and is viewable by your instructor. For each milestone, your team must add submission notes describing how your team completed the milestone, to formally confirm with the company.

You have the option to upload a file or link at each milestone. Uploading files is most common for final milestone submissions.

Company Feedback

Each milestone you submit to an company can either be approved or declined by the company, based on whether or not the they can confirm that your team has completed the milestone.